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Toronto Blogs - Tour Guys

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By JasonKucherawy

Toronto Blogs - Tour Guys

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Tour Guys

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When/Why Did You Start Your Blog?

This blog was created to keep our readers and fans up to date on what's happening with Tour Guys and features articles on places in Toronto and Vancouver we love.

We started this blog when we launched our website a year ago - in fact our site has been built around the blog!

We started blogging as a way to keep the website fresh, keep readers interested in Tour Guys, and to promote Toronto and Vancouver as great places to explore on foot!

What Do You Blog About?

Our posts are split between Toronto and Vancouver and cover topics related to travel and exploring these two cities. For people living in Toronto, we list our favourite places to eat drink and shop, in addition to talking about the things we love about the city. For locals and visitors we provide some guidance and recommendations how to spend your time in the city.


  • Toronto is a city of neighbourhoods best explored on foot
  • Get to know Toronto better with a guided tour (even if you live here)
  • Take advantage of the free things to do here - many are listed on a weekly basis on About Toronto and on the other blogs listed here!
  • For visitors: take a break from the usual tourist attractions and catch some shows in smaller theatres, live music in the smaller clubs, and meals in restaurants on side streets. Try to experience Toronto as a local.

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