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New Year's Eve in Toronto

Things to Do on December 31


Ringing in the New Year in Toronto can mean club nights, comedy shows, family events, outdoor countdowns, parties with friends or a quiet night in your living room, depending on your style.

Family Events on New Year's Eve

For families trying to celebrate with younger children, it can be hard to find somewhere to go together on New Year's Eve. Luckily there are several special events planned in Toronto just for kids and their parents, and even more if you're willing to drive a little outside the city.

New Year's Eve Shows

You can also enjoy stage shows or plenty of comedy on New Year's Eve. Almost all of the performances on December 31st give you an option to include dinner as part of a ticket package and a toast or party to ring in the new at midnight.

New Year's Parties

New Year's at Nathan Phillips Square
Marilyn Campbell
The big outdoor party in Toronto is hosted by Citytv in Nathan Phillips Square, which of course you can also watch at home. If you'd rather head inside to a club or to another public party, check out Toronto New Year's Eve listings on Clubzone.com for dozens of choices.

Leave the Car at Home with Free Transit

The TTC, GO Transit and connecting routes such as Mississauga Transit and the YRT/VIVA all offer free rides during various hours of New Year's Eve. Get the details on when the free trips start in your area.

Take a Taxi Number With You

Marilyn Campbell
Even if you think you have an alternate plan for getting home - transit, a ride with friends, or your own car - it's a good idea to have a few cab numbers at the ready, just in case.

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