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Visit the Trail of Lights at Downsview Park


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Walk-Through Wednesdays
A rest stop on the Downsview Park Trail of Lights

Families take a break from the walk and have a hot drink (2008)

Marilyn Campbell

Due to construction at Downsview Park, the Trail of Lights will not be taking place in 2011. The details from 2010 are preserved below for those who are curious about what the event may be like if it indeed returns in 2012.

In the past there was a Warming Station set up around the half-way mark where you could take a bathroom break and buy hot chocolate, coffee, tea and treats like chocolate bars. There was also a short cut right next to the warming station that would still allow you to see many great displays without walking nearly as far. Check back for updates on whether or not these options will be available in future.

If you know from the start that little legs will have a problem doing the whole route, Downsview Park recommends bringing a stroller, wagon or sleigh, recognizing that the trail is segments of asphalt and gravel.

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