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Visit the Trail of Lights at Downsview Park


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What You'll See on the Trail
Holiday light display of Dancer the Reindeer

Dancer the Reindeer looks down on the Trail of Lights from high on a building. (2008)

Marilyn Campbell

Due to construction at Downsview Park, the Trail of Lights will not be taking place in 2011. The details from 2010 are preserved below for those who are curious about what the event may be like if it indeed returns in 2012.

LED lights line and passing through festive arches will lead you into different themed areas. But the real treat are the figures that fill the fields of the park. Some are right at the trail's edge, while others glow in the distance. In 2008 a very large version of Dancer, seen here, welcomed you from the top of one of the park buildings.

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