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Expanded Toronto School Calendar 2012/2013

Official Dates and Related Events


This Toronto school calendar combines official dates from both of Toronto's school boards with a selection of related holidays and youth events. With an overview of your family's academic year, you can make the most of seasonal changes and special events - and hopefully not get caught off-guard with a last minute costume request!

Using this School Calendar

  • Official elementary and secondary school dates are marked with an asterisk (*), and are included for regular schools from both the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) and the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB). Dates from Alternative School programs and private schools are not included. For more details visit www.tdsb.on.ca or www.tcdsb.org.

  • PA/PD Days are professional activity/development days for teachers. There will be no classes, but schools may want to book parent/teacher conferences on some of these days.

  • Other events are listed as information only; individual schools and classrooms may or may not have any related plans. Education-related weekend events are included for parents' consideration.

  • This calendar is meant to provide an overview only. You should confirm dates with your school before making any specific plans.

September Student Activities

October Student Activities

November Student Activities

December Student Activities

  • *Friday Dec 7 - PA/PD Day; No classes (All)
  • *Monday Dec 24 to Friday Jan 4 - Christmas Break; No school (All)

January Student Activities

  • Tuesday Jan 1 - New Year's Day
  • *Continuing to Friday Jan 4 - Christmas Break; No school (All)
  • *Friday Jan 25 - PA/PD Day; No classes (Elementary schools ONLY)
  • Sunday Jan 27 - Family Literacy Day
  • *Thursday Jan 31 - PA Day/Semester changeover; No classes (TDSB Semestered Secondary Schools ONLY)

February Student Activities

March Student Activities

April Student Activities

May Student Activities

June Student Activities

  • *Friday June 7 - PA/PD Day; No classes (Elementary schools ONLY, both boards)
  • Sunday June 16 - Father's Day
  • *Tuesday June 25 - Last day of school for students (TDSB secondary schools ONLY)
  • *Wednesday June 26 - PA/PD Day (TCDSB secondary schools and TDSB full-year secondary schools ONLY)
  • *Thursday June 27 - Last day of classes (Elementary schools ONLY, both boards)
  • *Friday June 28 - PA/PD Day (All)
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