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What is the Minimum Wage in Toronto?


Question: What is the Minimum Wage in Toronto?
In Canada most jobs must pay a minimum hourly wage. The dollar amount varies by province but not by city, so the minimum hourly wage in Toronto is the same as the minimum wage in the rest of Ontario.
Answer: The general minimum wage in Ontario is $10.25 per hour (as of March 31st, 2010).

However the general minimum wage doesn't apply to all workers...

Minimum Wage for Students in Ontario

The "student wage" applies to students who are under 18 and are working during the summer or another school break, or who are working 28 hours a week or less while school is on. The minimum student wage in Ontario is $9.60 per hour.

Minimum Wage for Liquor Servers in Ontario

The minimum wage is also lower for liquor servers. This is based on the assumption that anyone serving liquor -- including waiters, waitresses and bartenders -- will also receive tips. The minimum wage for liquor servers in Ontario is $8.90 per hour.

Other Special Rules and Exemptions

Some homeworkers are eligible for a higher minimum wage. There are also special rules for hunting and fishing guides, farm workers, jobs that include room and board, commission-based sales jobs, real estate brokers and more. If you're not sure if your job or profession has special minimum wage rules, visit the Ontario Ministry of Labour's Guide to Minimum Wage for more details.

Minimum is Not the Same as Maximum!

Minimum wage is simply the lowest wage your employer can legally pay. If you'd like to try to negotiate a higher wage during the hiring process or a raise after the fact, About.com Job Searching Guide Alison Doyle has some suggestions on "Salary Negotiation: How to Negotiate a Compensation Package".

Minimum wage rates, exemptions and special rules are not fully outlined above and are subject to change. Consult the Ontario Ministry of Labour's Guide to Minimum Wage for updates and more detailed information. All information on this page is provided for general interest only and is not legal advice.

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