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Toronto Youth Employment Centres and Programs


For some young people, finding a job can prove to a big challenge, especially if you have little-to-no previous experience. Whether you're looking for a summer job to save money, a part-time job to fit around a class schedule, or a way to gain experience in your chosen career, there are several youth-oriented employment programs that are ready to help:

Youth Employment Services - YES (ages 15-30)
Various locations
A wide variety of programs are available ranging from regular job hunt help to assistance in starting your own business. You can get professional help discovering the best career path for you, access resources like computers, and find out about on-the-job training options. Although programs focus on youth, help is available for adults with barriers to employment as well.

Completing the Circle (ages 15-30)
2150 Islington Avenue West, Suite 210 (near Hwy 401)
2100 Lawrence Avenue West, Suite 100 (near Weston Rd)
Receive personal help with your job search while you learn about writing cover letters, interviewing, identifying your skills, and maintaining employment.

COSTI Youth Employment Services (ages 16-24)
Caledonia Centre - 700 Caledonia Road
COSTI has Employment Consultants to assist youth in assessing their own needs and setting goals, plus helps find placements such as job shadowing and on-the-job training so youth can further explore their options. There is also a Summer Jobs Service for full-time students who are returning to school in the fall and a Resource Centre with access to computers, phones, faxes and photocopiers.

YMCA Employment Centres - Youth Programs (ages 15-30)
Various locations and programs
The YMCA has a variety of free employment assistance programs available at their many Employment Centres. Use the website to determine which programs are of interest to you and to find out where they are held.
List of YMCA Employment Programs

St. Stephen's Community House - The Job House (ages 16-29)
1415 Bathurst Street, 2nd Floor
St. Stephen's has a variety of programs, including a resource center and assistance for students seeking part-time and summer employment.

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