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Earth Hour in Toronto and Around the World

What is Earth Hour?


Earth Hour in Toronto and Around the World

Toronto City Hall goes dark during Earth Hour 2008.

Marilyn Campbell
Earth Hour is a global event encouraging everyone to turn off their lights for one hour in a symbolic demonstration of the easy steps we can all take to reduce energy consumption.

Earth Hour began in Sydney, Australia in 2007 and is run by WWF, the World Wildlife Fund.

When is Earth Hour?

The next Earth Hour will take place on Saturday March 23, 2013 from 8:30pm-9:30pm.

What You Can Do During Earth Hour

The most important thing is simply to turn off the lights in your home, business, or wherever you are during Earth Hour. How much further you want to go is up to you. The simplest next step is to turn off all the non-essential appliances in your home and enjoy the unplugged time on your own of with family. Many choose to head outside during Earth Hour, socializing at official and unofficial outdoor Earth Hour gatherings.

If you'd like to plan an event for your friends or business, the WWF Canada Earth Hour website offers "Team Earth Hour Playbooks" with plenty of ideas and tips to help get you started.

Earth Hour 2013 Events in Toronto

Official Celebrations in Roncesvalles Village
For several years Toronto's Roncesvalles neighbourhood hosted it's own community festival and candlelight walk to celebrate Earth Hour. Now WWF Canada is joining them, hosting an official celebration which will include a lantern walk followed by live music. The event will begin at 8pm.
• Get all the details at www.wwf.ca/events/earthhour/event/

Maple Syrup Dinner by Lamplight at the Kortright Centre
As part of the annual Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival (which is just one of several Maple Syrup Festivals in Toronto) the Kortright Centre for Conservation in Woodbridge is holding a Maple Syrup Dinner by lamplight, beginning at 7:30pm. After dinner, guests can take part in a hike and bonfire.
• Find details and ticket information under "Maple Syrup Dinner" at maplesyrupfest.com

Join Earth Hour's Online Community

You don't have to register to participate in Earth Hour, but the official website offers plenty of useful tips and makes it easy for you to let friends know about your support for the event. If you think you'd like to organize an event for your company or community, the website can give you ideas and guidance.
Visit EarthHour.org
• "Like" Earth Hour at www.facebook.com/earthhour

Earth Hour Outside Toronto

Toronto was one of the partner cities in Earth Hour 2008, along with Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver. Over 40 other cities and towns in Ontario officially registered to participate in Earth Hour that year, meaning local governments held events or turned off lights in many of their own buildings (without compromising safety, of course).

GTA & Southern Ontario Involvement in Earth Hour

The following are just a few of the municipalities around Toronto that have officially participated in Earth Hour in the past: Check your municipality's website for any plans for this year's Earth Hour, or get in touch with your local municipal councillor or other representative to encourage your city to get officially involved again.

What You Can Do After Earth Hour

The real point of Earth Hour is to remind us all what we can be doing in our daily lives to reduce energy consumption. The WWF's Earth Hour website has suggestions, and if you're a homeowner you can look into signing up for Bullfrog Power yourself, a company which has powered official Earth Hour events in the past.
• See The Living Planet Community section of WWF.ca for ways to make simple changes in your daily life.
• Visit the Bullfrog Power website

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