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Green Toronto - Animals, Nature & the Environment

Large parks and hidden green spaces, wildlife and waterfront trails, conservation efforts and concerns for environmental issues - discover why Toronto calls itself "A city within a park" and what's being done to keep it that way.
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Green Toronto Calendar
From nature hikes and gardening workshops to community clean-ups and forums on environmental issues, here are some of the upcoming events in Toronto for those who want to explore and preserve the natural world.

Animal and Nature Camps for Kids and Teens
During breaks from school youth can still get outside and learn about the natural world at one of the many nature-themed day camps available in the city.

Toronto Tree Planting
Two Toronto tree programs provide assistance to residents who want to improve their property and the environment by planting new trees.

Community Environment Days
In the spring and summer, Community Environment Days give you a chance to responsibly dispose of troublesome household waste and get the supplies to live a little greener.

Residential Garbage and Recycling in Toronto
Wondering what goes in the green bin? Not sure what the collection schedule is in your neighborhood? The city of Toronto Solid Waste Management website can answer those questions and more.

Task Force to Bring Back the Don
The city supports this citizens' group that strives to clean up the waterway that separates central Toronto from Toronto East.

Green Neighbours 21
A grass-roots organization based in Ward 21 that hosts monthly meetings and plans special events based around finding solutions to environmental challenges.

The Toronto Hydro Festive Light Exchange
As the holiday season approaches, Toronto residents can trade in two strings of incandescent festive lights for one string of energy-saving LED lights, courtesy of Toronto Hydro.

Earth Hour 2008
On March 29th 2008 the City of Toronto officially participated in Earth Hour. The goal was to get everyone -- businesses and individuals -- to turn off non-essential lights between 8pm and 9pm. Here's a look at what took place during Toronto's first Earth Hour.

Earth Hour in Toronto and Around the World
What began with a single city in 2007 has a quickly become a global movement. Toronto was the first Canadian city to sign on to turn out the lights for one hour on March 29th as a symbolic example of how we can all save energy.

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