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Free Toronto Transit on New Year's Eve 2012/13

Leave Your Car at Home to Ring in the New Year


Are you heading out on the town to celebrate New Year's Eve? Toronto's transit providers and their community supporters want to smooth your way into 2012 with free rides, extended hours and other deals.

Free TTC After 10pm
There will be free New Year's Eve rides on the TTC beginning at 10pm on December 31, 2012. The subway lines and many routes with late night service will be extended until approximately 4am, after which time you'll need to pay to ride the Blue Night routes. Visit the link above for more detailed schedule information.

Another Option for Groups and Party-Hoppers
The TTC is also offering a holiday special on Day Passes. The pass will still cost you $10.50, but from December 22 2012 to January 6 2013 you can use it the same way as on weekends. That means a group of up to six people can ride together - a maximum of two adults plus four youths 19 and under (or 1 adult and 5 people 19 and under).

Free Rides on GO Transit, Too
GO Transit is offering free trips on all buses and trains beginning at 8pm on December 31 and continuing until the regular end of service. Many route schedules have also been extended or adjusted for New Year's Eve - check the Schedule Changes page on GOTransit.com for all the details.

Connecting Routes
If you're coming from outside the city to celebrate, you can likely also get a free ride on your local transit system. Get all the details on:

Hours of service will vary from route to route so be sure to visit the websites to get the details on the final scheduled trip for the bus you need to take.

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