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416-TAXICAB: One Number for Toronto Area Taxi Service

Keep forgetting cab numbers? Here's a (slightly flawed) solution.


If you need to call a taxi in Toronto (or the regions of York, Peel, Durham and Halton), there's an easy to remember number that can put you in touch with a list of cab companies in your area:

416-TAXICAB (416 829-4222)

But while the number is easy to remember, it does have drawbacks. Before you can talk to a live dispatcher you have to spend time working your way through a touch-tone menu to connect to the company you want.

This isn't a problem if your company of choice is City Taxi, since they have the top spot and a quick "dial zero now" shortcut on the first menu. But if you prefer any other Toronto taxi service, you're better off making the effort to remember that cab company's direct number and only using 416-TAXICAB as a handy but roundabout backup.

Visit the official website at www.416-taxicab.com for more details.

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