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How Much Does it Cost to Take Public Transit in Toronto?


The TTC is Toronto's public transit system, operating subways, streetcars, LRTs and buses throughout the city. There are a variety of ways to pay for a ride on the TTC and also a variety of price ranges depending on what fare category you belong to and how often you intend to ride.

A Note on Fare Increases

The TTC will often raise prices annually. If the information below is nearing a year old, you'll want to check the TTC website for updates.

TTC Fare Prices as of January 1st, 2013:

Cash/Single Fare Purchase

TTC drivers don't carry change, so if you're boarding a bus or streetcar you'll need to have exact change. If you're boarding the TTC through a subway station, you can pay a single fare to the collector in the ticket booth, who will be able to give you change if necessary. You can't use an automated entrance or turnstile if you're paying cash.

Tickets & Tokens

Buying a set of tickets or tokens will help you save over cash fares, and at subway stations tokens can be used in turnstiles and automated entrances to help you avoid long lines. Please note the TTC no longer produces adult tickets - only tokens are available. Students, seniors and children need to buy tickets to receive their discount.
  • Adult: $7.95 for 3 tokens or $18.55 for 7 tokens
  • Senior/Student: $9.00 for 5 tickets or $18.00 for 10 tickets
  • Child: $6.00 for 10 tickets

Day Pass

Just as the name suggests, the TTC Day Pass allows you unlimited rides for one day. There are no discounted passes available for seniors, students or children, but on weekends and holidays the pass can be used by multiple people who are traveling together. Learn more about using a TTC Day Pass.
  • $10.75

Weekly Pass

A TTC Weekly Pass will get you unlimited travel* on the TTC from a Monday to the following Sunday. Next week's pass becomes available each Thursday at TTC Collector Booths. The weekly pass is transferable (meaning you can share it as long as one rider has exited the system before giving the pass to someone else to use), but seniors and students can only share with other seniors and students, since they'll need to show ID.

Monthly Metropass

The monthly Metropass offers unlimited TTC travel* for a whole month, and is another transferable pass that can be shared with friends or family in the same fare category as you. If you plan to use a Metropass every month, you can sign up for the Metropass Discount Plan which saves you even more money while adding the convenience of having next month's Metropass show up in your mailbox.

These are the most commonly used ways of paying TTC fares, but there are also GTA Weekly Passes, extra fares or stickers for Downtown Express Routes, and the PRESTO system, which may be useful to some riders. Learn more about TTC Fares and Passes on the official TTC website.

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