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Whether it's for your daily commute, a shopping trip, or a special outing with family or friends, a drive is always made better by knowing what to expect and where to avoid. Here are some resources to make your time in Toronto traffic go smoother.

The TripInfo Phone Line:

Call 416-599-9090 anytime and you'll reach an automated system with up-to-date information on traffic conditions. The system responds to certain voice commands or to keypad inputs. Although there are menus you can work through, reading the instructions and shortcuts provided on the TripInfo webpage ahead of time will speed things up substantially when you actually need to make the call.

Toronto Traffic Cameras & Traffic Flow Maps:

The Ministry of Transportation for Ontario (MTO) provides flow maps and traffic cameras around Toronto and the GTA as part of its COMPASS freeway traffic management system.

The City of Toronto also has flow maps and cameras as part of its own traffic management system, RESCU.

Travel Time Charts:

Toronto news and information provider CP24 offers a chart outlining the ideal and current travel times between various points on highways in the GTA.

Toronto Road Closures:

Scheduled maintenance, unscheduled repairs and special events can all be part of closing lanes or whole sections of Toronto roads. Let Toronto Transportation Services keep you up to date on road restrictions and closures with:
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