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Eat Smart! When You Eat Out

Help with Finding Healthy Restaurants in Toronto


If you want to be sure the restaurant you choose is clean, smoke-free, and has options that will allow you to make healthy choices while you're eating out, the Eat Smart! Toronto Dining Guide is a great place to start. Provided by Toronto Public Health, the guide is an online list of Toronto restaurants and cafeterias that meet provincially-defined standards for being smoke-free, clean, and health-conscious in menu planning.

Eat Smart! on the Toronto Public Health website

Every year Eat Smart! Ontario's Healthy Restaurant Program gives out Awards of Excellence to establishments that either apply or are nominated by customers. Along with being listed online, restaurants are given a certificate and a window decal to display. So what does it take to get certified? The short version is that restaurants must:

  • Have been in compliance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act for 12 months.
  • Have a 12 month record of safe food handling, including having passed their most recent Public Health inspection with nothing worse than three minor infractions.
  • Have at least one full-time kitchen staff member who has their safe food handling certificate.
  • And have healthier food options regularly available (of course, it's still up to you to actually choose the healthier options when the time comes).

If you’d like to look for an Eat Smart! certified restaurant in your area of Toronto, nominate a Toronto restaurant, apply for an award for your own restaurant, or just learn more of the details of what it means to be certified, visit Toronto Public Health's Eat Smart! website.

If you'd like to find an Eat Smart! restaurant in other parts of Ontario or want to know more about the program as a whole, check out the main website for Eat Smart! Ontario's Healthy Restaurant Program.

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