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No matter what stage your life is at or what your special interests are Toronto has services, organizations and opportunities to meet your needs. Learn what's available around such topics as personal finances, dating and single-living, marriage and wedding planning, raising a family, pet care, young adulthood, retirement, hobbies, religion, culture, sexual orientation and much more.
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Summer Camps for Kids and Teens in Toronto
For kids and teens looking for a fun and engaging way to spend their time away from school, Toronto summer camps offer everything from sports and nature to educational programs and the performing arts.

Youth Distress and Crisis Lines
Are you a Toronto teen who is having problems at home or at school? There are plenty of phone numbers you can call to speak to someone or to anonymously report a troubling situation.

Toronto Food Banks and Food Programs
Food banks and related food-access programs such as community gardens can offer direct support to families and individuals who are struggling to make ends meet. For others, donating or getting involved with local food programs through volunteering is a great way to connect with your community.

Toronto Theater for Young Audiences
A round-up of some of the options available to parents who are interested in taking their children out to the theater in Toronto.

About Gay Pride in Toronto
Andrew Collins, the About Guide to Gay Travel, outlines what to expect if you're thinking of attending Toronto's Pride Parade in June.

Movies for Mommies
Movies for Mommies are special parent-friendly film screenings designed so parents can bring along babies up to 18 months old. Use this website to find the participating Toronto theater nearest to you.

Seniors Portal on the City of Toronto Website
The city of Toronto official website has set up this special section to help guide seniors to the city information that's important to them. Find information on housing, transportation, health, seniors' recreation programs and more.

RAMP for Youth
This website put together by Toronto Public Library staff and teen volunteers has resources, discussion forums, and opportunities for youth to upload and share their own creative work.

March Break in Toronto - Activities for March Break
There are a lot of March Break activities in Toronto to choose from. There are attractions suited to the whole family, activities just for younger children, events for teens, and plenty of half- and full-day camps.

Family Literacy Day in Toronto
January 27th is Family Literacy Day in Canada. Find out what's happening in Toronto, and what you can do to celebrate reading and playing together as a family.

2013 Chinese New Year Toronto
For some families, New Year's celebrations don't fall on December 31. Learn about the Chinese New Year events that take place in Toronto.

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