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Things to Do in Toronto - Performances, Attractions, Entertainment & Activities


If you're looking for something to do in Toronto, you shouldn't need to look too far. Ontario's capital city has a lively arts scene, great cultural centers, family-friendly attractions, and lots of indoor and outdoor activities.
  1. Events by Month
  2. Holidays And Celebrations
  3. Gardens and Green Spaces
  4. Zoos and Farms
  1. Museums and Attractions
  2. Theatre and Comedy
  3. Movies, TV and Radio
  4. Explore the City

Events by Month

Festivals, trade shows, fundraisers and other annual events take place every month. Find out what's happening now, or plan ahead.

Holidays And Celebrations

Mark special annual events with activities around the city, or with your family at home.

Gardens and Green Spaces

Toronto offers some wonderful themed parks and gardens which go into full bloom in the spring and summer, and at any time of year you can head to one of the indoor botanical gardens to see plants from around the world.

Zoos and Farms

Spend a free hour or two with some farm animals, or make a special trip to learn about animals of all kinds at one of Toronto's specialized zoos.

Museums and Attractions

View of the old ROM and renovations

Spend a day exploring one of Toronto's many museums or enjoying a family attraction.

Theatre and Comedy

Toronto's live theatre scene is bustling, with all kinds of shows taking to the stage on a regular basis.

Movies, TV and Radio

Head out to a megaplex or curl up at home with the radio on your favorite station.

Explore the City

This place wasn't dubbed the megacity for nothing. Considering Toronto's size it's not surprising that even some people who have lived here all of their lives are unfamiliar with whole sections of the city. How much of Toronto have you really seen? Get out and visit the rest of the city on your own or with an expert guide.

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