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Explore Toronto events that are on now and coming up soon. From big festivals to nature hikes, this listing of events in Toronto can help you find fun for yourself, your friends and your family.

July Events

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Marilyn Campbell

Festivals, fundraisers and other big events in Toronto for the month of July. Also check out the user-posted section for smaller community and special-interest events.

August Events

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August brings the CNE, more summer festivals at Harbourfront Centre, Scotiabank BuskerFest and many more reasons to get outside and enjoy the sun... or to stay inside and enjoy the air conditioning.

Weekend Highlights - Every Thursday

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Wondering what to do this weekend in Toronto? Every Thursday afternoon the About.com: Toronto blog highlights some of the biggest or most interesting events on between Friday and Sunday. For a weekly reminder to check the blog, you can sign up for the About.com: Toronto newsletter, which also goes out each Thursday afternoon.

Arts and Entertainment

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Take advantage of living in a cultural hub like Toronto with film festivals, stage shows and more.

How to Submit an Event Listing to About.com: Toronto

Are you an event planner? Add your upcoming event to the monthly user-posted calendars.

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