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Visit the Allan Gardens Conservatory


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Allan Gardens Conservatory - Location, Hours and Contact
Visit the Allan Gardens Conservatory
Marilyn Campbell


The Allan Gardens Conservatory is located in Allan Gardens, a large downtown park located just a few blocks east of Yonge Street. Allan Gardens is bordered by Jarvis Street to the west, Carlton Street to the north, Sherbourne Street to the east, and Gerrard Street East to the south. For details on getting there, read more about the park in Allan Gardens - An Important Toronto Green Space.


The Allan Gardens Conservatory is open from 10am to 5pm, seven days a week.

Special permits are sometimes granted by the Toronto Film and Television Office to use part of Allan Gardens as a filming location or by the Toronto Parks Permit office to allow for wedding ceremonies or photography in the park. In these cases access to some or all of the conservatory may be limited.

Contact the Conservatory

For more information on the Allan Gardens Conservatory, call 416-392-7288.

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