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Visit the Allan Gardens Conservatory


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Visit the Allan Gardens Conservatory
Visit the Allan Gardens Conservatory
Marilyn Campbell

Toronto's Allan Gardens Conservatory is an indoor botanical garden which is free to visit and is open every day, year-round. Located just a little east of Yonge Street inside Allan Gardens park, the conservatory is easy to reach by public transit, foot, or bike, and the park even has two BIXI Toronto bike-sharing stations.

What to See and Do

The Allan Gardens Conservatory consists of several linked greenhouses featuring different types of plants. The main entrance brings you into the Palm House, but as you explore you'll also find succulents and cacti, medicinal plants, seasonal flowering plants and many other kinds of flora, along with a koi pond, small water wheel, statue, and more.

With benches spread throughout, the Allan Gardens Conservatory is equally suitable for one-time visitors who'll spend time exploring in detail, or for regulars who bring a book, sketch pad, or just a coffee. Because it is open year-round, the conservatory may be an especially good candidate for regular visits from anyone who can't wait for the warmth and the green to return.

Used frequently for wedding ceremonies and photographs, the Allan Gardens Conservatory is a great destination for other photographers as well.

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