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How to Submit an Event Listing to About.com: Toronto

Post Your Event on the Monthly Calendars


There are two parts to the event calendars on About.com: Toronto. The main monthly calendars list large, mostly annual events selected by the Guide. However any event planner is welcome to add an event listing to the secondary calendars by filling in the online form. Submissions are moderated, so they may take several days to appear live - adding your listing well before the date of your event is recommended.

Every Thursday a Guide-selected round-up of the most promising sounding events is posted on the About.com: Toronto blog. You are welcome to add your weekend event to the comments section, but also note that by adding your event to the monthly calendar ahead of time it will automatically be considered for the weekly round-up!

A Few Tips Before Posting

  • It is best to make the date the first line of your event listing so it's easy for readers to scan and see what's coming up when.
  • Also be sure your listing includes times, location and contact information for those who would like to learn more.
  • User-posted listings are deleted annually to keep the calendars up-to-date, so you'll need to return and re-post next year.
  • Be sure to add your listing to the correct month! (Follow the links below)

Add Your Listing to the User-Posted Events for:

Changes and Corrections

Do not use the above forms to update or change a listing, or to note a correction for the main monthly calendars. In these instances, please use a detailed subject line and email Marilyn at toronto.guide (at) about.com
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