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How Tall is the CN Tower?


How Tall is the CN Tower?
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Question: How Tall is the CN Tower?

At its highest point, the CN Tower is 553.33 metres tall (or 1,815 feet, 5 inches). That measurement is to the top of the 102 metre broadcast antenna however, so visitors to the CN Tower won't actually reach that height. The rough height of the CN Tower's public observation areas are as follows:

  • The Glass Floor and Outdoor Observation level are 342 metres up (1,122 feet), the equivalent of 112 building stories.

  • The Look Out level and Horizons Restaurant sit at 346 metres (1,136 feet), the equivalent of 113 building stories.

  • The revolving 360 Restaurant is 351 metres (1,151 feet), or 114 building stories high.

  • The Sky Pod is 447 metres up (1,465 feet), or 147 building stories.

  • And for the truly daring, the seasonal EdgeWalk experience lets you step completely outside the CN Tower at a height of 356 meters (1,168 feet). Strap on a safety harness and take a 20 to 30 minute stroll on an open platform that's 116 stories above Toronto!
All measurements as provided by CN Tower press materials.

Climb Those Stairs!

High speed glass elevators can take CN Tower visitors to the Look Out level in under a minute, but twice a year you can forgo the elevator and choose the stairs. There are annual fundraising stair climbs held in support of WWF-Canada (in April) and the United Way of Greater Toronto (in October). Participants must register in advance and raise a minimum pledge amount to take part.

So just how many stairs does it take to be rewarded with the CN Tower's great view? The CN Tower has 1,776 stairs between the ground floor and the Look Out level.

What's Taller than the CN Tower?

In 2007 Canada had to give up some bragging rights when the CN Tower lost the Guinness World Record for tallest free-standing structure to the Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates. For awhile, the CN Tower remained the world's tallest tower 1, but the Tokyo Sky Tree has since taken that designation.

As of January 2012, the CN Tower still held Guinness World Records for Highest Wine Cellar (designated in 2006) and Highest External Walk on a Building (designated in 2011).

ACSE's Seven Wonders of the Modern World

But the Guinness record books aren't the only place where the CN Tower has been recognized as an outstanding achievement of design and construction. In the mid-1990s the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) named Seven Wonders of the Modern World. According to the ASCE, the project was undertaken as

"...a tribute to modern society's ability to achieve the unachievable, reach unreachable heights, and scorn the notion of 'it can't be done'..." 2
The CN Tower was honoured on a list which included six other astounding architectural projects from around the world: Learn more structural facts about the CN Tower on About.com: Architecture, or find out about all the things you can do if you visit the CN Tower.

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