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Toronto Neighbourhoods


Toronto as it exists today is actually an amalgamation of what used to be six distinct municipal entities - the borough of East York and the cities of Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough, York and North York. Often referred to as a city of neighbourhoods, Toronto is first and foremost a city of sections as residents still refer to each area by its original name and many organizations exist to serve only one segment of the otherwise expansive Toronto.

  1. Central Toronto and East York
  2. Etobicoke and York
  3. North York
  4. Scarborough

Central Toronto and East York

Central Toronto was the entire City of Toronto before amalgamation so you'll also hear it referred to as the Old City of Toronto, Downtown Toronto, Toronto Proper or just Toronto. It contains the Downtown Core that many people think of when they think of the city and many of the major tourist attractions. In the extended area - including the former borough of East York - are many distinct and vibrant neighborhoods.

Etobicoke and York

The western side of Toronto is sometimes only thought of as place where industry and residences bump up against each other, but it is also a place where there are wonderful parks and waterways and where numerous pockets of small businesses and local spirit create active and diverse communities.

North York

Combining suburban enclaves and malls with condominium developments and the dense business district surrounding the North York Civic Centre, the north-central tip of Toronto is at once both relaxed and exciting. The area is also home to York University and Black Creek Pioneer Village.


The eastern part of Toronto has strong communities with a variety of cultural roots, plus exciting natural spaces uncommon in many cities, such as the Scarborough Bluffs and the Rouge Valley. Scarborough is also where you'll find the popular Toronto Zoo.

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