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Neighbourhoods, Communities & Your Living Space

A guide to the many neighbourhoods and community groups in Toronto that will also help you find an apartment, buy a house, and make your living space a home.
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Why I Live in Toronto
Do people live in Toronto for the nightlife? Career opportunities? The family activities? The city services? Read and share stories about the many reasons to live in Toronto. See submissions

Find Apartment Listings Online
Looking for an apartment in Toronto? Here are some of the best websites to use in your search for a rental.

Toronto Rental Apartment Search Tips - Read and Submit Your Own
Are a seasoned apartment hunter in Toronto? Or are you a novice renter looking for ways to help your apartment search go smoothly? Share your tips and learn from others.

What is a BIA?
The acronym BIA often shows up in the context of local events and beautification projects in Toronto. But what does BIA stand for? What does a BIA do? And who can be part of a BIA?

What Municipalities are Part of the GTA?
Torontonians frequently hear the term GTA, but what cities and towns are actually part of the Greater Toronto Area?

Toronto's Area Codes
Even if you're making a local phone call in Toronto, you need to dial all ten numbers. That's because the city is served by more than one area code.

The Toronto Real Estate Board
The Toronto Real Estate Board's website provides information on Toronto neighborhoods, school boards and attractions, and also guides buyers through what they can and should expect from their real estate agent. A great starting place for anyone thinking of buying a home in Toronto.

The Federation of Metro Tenants' Associations
Along with advocacy activities, the FMTA provides information on the rights of Toronto tenants through the FMTA website, workshops, and a tenant hotline.

Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto
The CHFT can provide general information to those interested in living in a co-op setting plus specific information on co-ops in Toronto.

Habitat for Humanity - Toronto
If you feel owning a home in Toronto is financially out of your reach, the non-profit home-builders Habitat for Humanity may be worth a look. The Toronto Branch is just one part of this international organization that enlists volunteers to build affordable housing for those in need.

Home Renovation Tax Credit
Susan Munroe, About.com's Guide to Canada Online, explains the Federal Government's Home Renovation Tax Credit which is in effect until February 1, 2010.

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