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Toronto Municipal Government: Civics & City Services

A guide to Toronto's municipal government. Find out what city council is doing for you and what you can do to get involved.
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When is Toronto's Next Municipal Election?
Find out when the next Municipal Election is scheduled in the City of Toronto.

311 - Toronto's Municipal Information Hotline
311 is a new service coming soon to Toronto, offering a municipal information hotline with live operators available 24 hours a day. Learn more about when to call 311 and how the service works.

When Does the Time Change?
Like all of Ontario and most of Canada, Toronto follows daylight saving time, moving the clocks forward in spring and back in winter. So when exactly are you going to be gaining or loosing sleep?

Toronto City Councillors by Ward
All the info you need to get in touch with Toronto's Mayor and the 44 City Councillors.

Is Toronto a Capital City?
Toronto's official standing can sometimes be confusing for newcomers. Learn about Toronto's place as the provincial capital, NOT the capital of Canada.

The City of Toronto Official Website
The official website of the city of Toronto is full of information for residents and visitors alike. You can navigate using the main categories of "Living in Toronto", "Doing Business", "Visiting Toronto" and "Accessing City Hall", or just run a quick site-wide search.

Window on Toronto City Council
Interested in following the comings and goings of Toronto City Council? The City Clerk's Office provides meeting schedules, minutes, access to the by-laws and more.

Toronto Police Service: Community Mobilization Workshop
The Community Mobilization Workshop provided by the Toronto Police Service is a two-day overview of topics ranging from personal safety to the court system. It's free to Toronto residents, but with only one class every few months, spaces are limited.

City Mayors: Running the World's Cities
For those seeking a broader perspective on municipal affairs, a visit to the City Mayors website provides articles and news on the best municipal practices the world over. They also run the World Mayor Award, for which Toronto's Mayor David Miller was a finalist in 2006.

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