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Toronto Film Festivals Calendar

Fall and Winter Film Festivals in Toronto


Toronto is home to many film festivals large and small, which cover a wide range of special interests. This calendar lists Toronto film festivals by the month or months they usually* occur in, so you can check to find a festival that's starting soon, or browse to see if there any festivals during the year that explore your special interests.

*Of course all arts events are subject to change or, unfortunately, cancellation year-to-year, so always follow the links provided to get the most up-to-date information any festival.

Is your favourite festival missing from the list? Email toronto@aboutguide.com to have it added.

1. Fall and Winter Film Festivals
2. Spring and Summer Film Festivals

September Film Festivals

Toronto International Film Festival
This is the big one! TIFF is the famous festival that brings hundreds of films and their creators to Toronto every year. Films are sorted into programs to help you find the films you'll love, including new Canadian films, foreign films, experimental films, films for young people, and more.

Toronto Urban Film Festival
A free festival showing one-minute silent films on the screens inside TTC stations. TUFF usually overlaps with TIFF (above) so you can watch one festival while you're waiting for the subway to take you to another! You can also check out the films on the TUFF website, where you can vote for your favorite. Of course TUFF is also popular with young/emerging filmmakers, as it does an open call every spring for submissions of one-minute silent films.

Cabbagetown Short Film & Video Festival
A juried festival of films from around the world which run 15 minutes or less. The Cabbagetown Festival usually consists of one night of screenings (which naturally take place in Toronto's Cabbagetown neighbourhood!).

Toronto Palestine Film Festival
Shorts, features, an art exhibit and panel discussions take place at several venues around the city.

October Film Festivals

Toronto Palestine Film Festival
Often continuing from September into October, the Toronto Palestine Film Festival brings Palestinian films and culture to several venues.

Brazilian Film Festival of Toronto
This festival showcases Brazilian features and shorts, plus often offers workshops and industry events (may begin in September).

imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival
This festival presents work by Indigenous artists from Canada and around the world, including films, new media works, visual art, and sometimes live performances. There are also industry events including roundtable discussions and workshops.

Planet in Focus
Taking place in October or November, the Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival offers fiction and documentaries exploring environmental themes. They also operate year-round offering a school touring program, promoting environmentally friendly film and TV production practices, and more.

Pomegranate Film Festival
The Pomegranate Film Festival presents films from around the world which are relevant to Armenian culture.

Toronto After Dark
Occurring close to Halloween, the Toronto After Dark Film Festival is a celebration of genre. The festival showcases horror, sci-fi, action and cult movies, plus related documentaries. TAD screens both shorts and features, and in the past has hosted many other exciting events for fans, including an indie video game arcade, guest speakers, opportunities to dress up, and more. Through its social media channels, newsletters, and a tip sheet on its website, TAD also works to keep fans abreast of similar screenings and other events taking place in Toronto year-round.

November Film Festivals

Planet in Focus
October or November (see listing above).

International Diaspora Film Festival
The International Diaspora Film Festival "explores themes of migration, immigration, and cultural diversity". IDFF shows films from around the world, and from Canadian filmmakers from ethnic minorities.

Moving Image Film Festival
This festival focuses on genre and experimenting with/the mixing of genres, showing shorts and features and presenting awards in multiple categories.

Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival
Contemporary films and videos by East and Southeast Asian artists living in Canada and around the world. Additional programming also takes place in Richmond Hill.

Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival
Presented by Workman Arts, the Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival offers features and shorts that explore issues of mental illness and/or addiction.

European Union Film Festival
This free, annual festival is run by European embassies, consulates and other cultural centres. Torontonians are invited to see the latest and best films from nearly two dozen European nations.

Regent Park Film Festival
A free community festival which includes a school program (films suitable for grades 1-8), a youth program of works by filmmakers aged 26 and under, and a general program with a focus on cultural identity, urbanization, and other films relevant to the Regent Park community.

No festival listings for December or January at this time.

February Film Festivals

TIFF Next Wave
Films for teens are presented at times suitable for both families and school groups (aimed at ages 14 - 18). There are also opportunities for young filmmakers, including the 24-Hour Film Challenge and workshops during the festival.
Note: What was formerly the Sprockets Toronto International Film Festival for Children and Youth has split into two events. See April for the children's event, TIFF Kids.

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