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The TTC and GO Transit

Fare Options for Riders Using Two Transit Systems


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The Toronto Transit Commission (the TTC) is the main public transit system in the City of Toronto while GO Transit is a system that connects many municipalities across the Greater Toronto Area and other parts of Southern Ontario. There are many places in Toronto where the TTC and GO Transit connect, and many commuters who live and work in different municipalities use both systems on a daily basis.

Whether connecting between the two systems is about to become part of your regular routine or you're just thinking of a special trip, there are a few fare arrangements in place for riders who need to transfer from one system to another.

TTC Trips Before and After Using GO Transit

If you’re using the TTC to get to and from GO Transit stations as part of one continuous trip, you can use a transfer from the first TTC vehicle to get on the second. For example, you could take the 510 Spadina streetcar to Union Station, pay your GO Transit fare and travel to Long Branch GO Station, then use your transfer from the 510 to get on any TTC vehicle at Long Branch Loop. Of course like almost all transfers on the TTC this arrangement is based on a direct, one-way trip with no stopping to shop or explore.

The PRESTO Fare System

The PRESTO fare system is an integrated fare system that’s being adopted by numerous public transit systems across the Greater Toronto Area, plus Hamilton and Ottawa. PRESTO uses a plastic card which commuters fill with a minimum of $10 then tap at card readers as they ride to have the applicable fare deducted. The system is an option for travelers which is meant to streamline fare payment, but doesn’t replace the option to pay by other means.

Unfortunately, while the PRESTO system is available on all GO Transit buses and train stations, only some TTC subway stations and no TTC surface vehicles currently accept the card, limiting the usefulness of the system for those who want to travel using both GO Transit and the TTC.

GTA Weekly Pass Does Not Include GO

The GTA Weekly Pass is a transit pass which allows for unlimited travel on four transit systems: the TTC, MiWay (Mississauga), Brampton Transit and York Region Transit. The GTA Weekly Pass does NOT include travel on the GO Transit system, however the pass may be useful for commuters who are using GO to move between those municipalities and use connecting routes on both ends of the trip.

Learn More About Getting on the GO

New to the whole idea of GO Transit? Visit GOTransit.com to learn about the system, check the fare calculator, find stations and stops and more.

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